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Financial Wellbeing support for Employees.
What can we do for your financial wellbeing?


Not sure what to do; and sometimes you "don't know what you don't know"


Seeking confirmation that what you have done is appropriate


Seeking confirmation that what you are about to do is ok


The feeling of security which comes from knowing you're on the right track.


Not having the confidence to approach institutions to address problems; needing a plan of attack; knowing what information to provide and what to ask.


When partners can't talk about money, a third party can help get a meaningful discussion going.

Money Maverick - Financial Wellbeing Specialists. We want every New Zealander to have better outcomes as a result of our interactions. 


We encourage you to make your own informed choices. We do this by empowering you with the knowledge and tools to understand your situation and your options.  

Independent, unbiased, no products.

Interests that align with yours. Simple as that. 

What can we help you with?

Money Maverick Icons_Budgeting.png


Creating a plan for your money that

works for you and your family

Money Maverick Icons_Debt.png


Struggling to make debt repayments? Feel like you are drowning? We can advocate on your behalf with lenders and create repayment plans that work.

Money Maverick Icons_Kiwisaver .png


Need to review your KiwiSaver settings? Trying in understand what % you should be putting in, or what type of fund to choose?

Not all KiwiSaver providers are the same! We help you make an unbiased choice that's right for YOU.

Money Maverick Icons_Retirement .png


The feeling of security which comes from knowing you're on the right track. We can help you understand how much you need, how much you have... and whether there is a gap.

Money Maverick Icons_Investing.png


No idea where you can put your money to grow for you? We have financial literacy tools to help you understand the different types of assets you could invest in, from term deposits, shares and property right through to alternative assets. 

Money Maverick Icons_PROPERTY.png


Need help with mortgage structure? Thinking about your first home or investing in property? We can help!

Money Maverick Icons_Women and financial literacy .png


The dice aren't exactly loaded in our favour!

Learn why it's important to get on track, and ways in which it's more difficult for women to get in a good financial position - in a safe and confidential space.

Money Maverick Icons_Goals.png


Understand how important it is to set realistic goals - and how financial planning is a JOURNEY not an EVENT. Setting goals will keep us on track for what is important to US. 

Money Maverick Icons_REASSURANCE.png


If you're going through a financial change, we are able to help! eg

- Redundancy

- Relationship Breakup

- KiwiSaver Hardship

- Bad Investment Decisions

Or... maybe you'd just like to learn more to improve your wellbeing!

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